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mountainlake7SunFlex Retirement Income


Retirement Income Your Way

You’ve worked hard to build your retirement nest egg. Now it’s time to start paying yourself – and enjoy the retirement you’ve worked and saved for. If you’re ready to retire or are already there, you can transfer your registered savings into a steady stream of guaranteed retirement income, with the chance to receive additional income.

Available only from Sun Life Financial, SunFlex Retirement Income can provide guaranteed income for the rest of your life, plus bonus income that’s linked to market performance. You could benefit from market upswings through the bonus income, but market dips won’t affect your guaranteed income. If you’re 55 or older and have registered savings, talk to your advisor about this retirement solution and Money for Life™Link to an external website, Sun Life Financial’s approach to retirement planning.


SunFlex Retirement Income Offers:

Guaranteed lifetime income – a retirement paycheque for life, no matter how markets perform.

Potential for additional bonus income, linked to the performance of the funds you choose.



Flexibility to match your lifestyle and changing needs:

•  You could choose to receive a lump sum payment now from the payments you’d receive in the future.
•  You could also choose to switch to a fully guaranteed stream of income – to address the need for less volatility or to lock in SunFlex Retirement Income’s performance to date at potentially higher interest rates.
•  You choose the funds linked to market performance.
•  You choose an income strategy.


SunFlex Retirement Income gives you what you want – the opportunity and flexibility to live your retirement, your way.